Usually, a "blocked cat" can be medically managed with a strict diet used to prevent and dissolve stones and crystals. A male cat that has blocked once is at an increased risk of repeat blockages and careful observation is necessary.

For the cat that has severe damage to the penis or that re-blocks immediately or at some future point in time, a corrective surgery called a Perineal Urethrostomy or P/U can be performed. This surgery shortens the urethra and attaches it to the external wall at a wider point so that the debris that may cause a blockage can pass. Most cats go on to do extremely well with his surgery, although dietary changes and monitoring for infection are still necessary since the root cause of the obstruction still exists.

At Columbus Central Veterinary Hospital, we have great success with the Perineal Urethrostomy to surgically correct "repeat offenders" that do not respond to medical management. We provide exceptional pain management and attention to your recovering pet. The cost of this surgery offers an economical advantage over specialty centers with outstanding results. CareCredit is accepted as a long-term payment option to ease financial constraints.

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